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    Your property investment abroad

    MHA-Invest provides its clients with a comprehensive service for their property purchases abroad.  MHA brings together a team of professional advisers in the country where its client is looking to purchase a property, and advises and supports its clients through the purchase process in order to secure their interest. Find below a selection of real estate currently available.

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    MHA Invest

    Your "turnkey" property adviser

    The MHA-Invest methodology

    1. Understanding your project
    2. MHA-Invest proposes solutions based on your project
    3. MHA-Invest, your principle point of contact for your purchase
    4. Secure and complete your investment (with residence if appropriate)
    5. Handing you the keys

    Each country has its own laws and regulations and it is essential to take this into account when analysing your investment

    Private investors are exposed to a legal and regulatory framework which differs from that at home and which is always evolving. It is therefore important for an investor to be accompanied by independent experts who understand the market.

    The partners and managers of MHA have many years of experience in the international real estate markets and have built up a network of professional advisers, including lawyers, notaries, real estate agents, surveyors, banks and mortgage brokers.

    MHA provides investors with a secure turnkey service for their overseas property purchases.

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    The questions
    you have asked ...

    In Spain, the following charges are to be paid before the signing of the deed of sale:

    • Property transfer taxes or ITP (Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales). This tax is calculated on the value of the property. It must be paid just before the signing of the Deed of Sale. Depending on the value of the property, the tax is between 6% and 10% of the value of the property
    • Notary and registration fees (Registro de la Propiedad) from 0.4% to 0.1% of the purchase price
    • Lawyer’s fees: between 1% and 1.5% of the purchase price

    For a detailed breakdown of the taxes and expenses associated with the investment, please contact us.

    MHA will charge the Client a Consultancy Fee of 1% (ex VAT) of the purchase price of the property for its services.

    The fee is payable in three instalments as follows:

    1. Upon signature of this agreement, an initial fee of €1,750 (inclusive of VAT), such fee being non-refundable.
    2. 25% of the total fee is payable on signature of the Preliminary Contract with the seller;
    3. The balance of the fee is payable on signature of the Deed of Sale (less the initial fee referred to in a).

    MHA will be your principal point of contact and will coordinate and manage the different professional advisers involved in the purchase, in order to protect the client’s interests, secure the investment and facilitate the completion process, thus saving its clients time, energy and stress that is inevitably involved in acquiring a property overseas.

    Both solutions are possible. Everything will depend on your project and the budget you want to allocate to it.

    If you are buying a property under a Golden Visa scheme, you are required to pay the minimum investment amount (eg €500,000) in cash in order to meet the Golden Visa requirements. If the property you are buying is over €500,000, you can approach a local bank to finance the difference.

    You could on the other hand, borrow money secured agaisnt a property in your country of residence. When you transfer your funds to the country where you are buying your property, this funding is considered a capital investment and therefore meets the criteria.

    If you need financing for your operation, MHA works with specialist mortgage advisers who will assist you in your purchase in France, Portugal or Spain.

    In Greece, local banks do not currently finance non-residents.

    The old adage is unchanged : “there is no better or worse time to buy overseas real estate” .

    This being said, real estate prices are likely to stagnate in the coming quarters. The market is tightening and many owners have bought overvalued properties in terms of price (2018-2022).

    The relative decline in prices that began in the summer of 2022 will offer real opportunities for wealth creation.

    It should be noted that there are always exceptions to the rule and there remains high demand in some of the most sought-after destinations.